Last Mile Delivery Platform

With Deliverd, you're now ready to transform your last-mile deliveries. Streamline your operations, orchestrate your drivers, delight your customers, and harness the power of data for continuous improvement. Welcome to the future of last-mile delivery excellence!



Efficient Dispatches, Intelligent Routing

  • Dispatch Management

    Streamline dispatch operations, improve driver visibility, and empower dispatchers to adjust routes effortlessly. Eliminate the need for constant driver communication with a user-friendly web dashboard for efficient routing and scheduling

  • Intelligent Route Optimisation

    Experience the power of our integrated route optimisation engine, which considers time, location, -,pre-scheduled stops and traffic to create the most efficient routes for your drivers.

  • Driver Management and Route Control

    Save time and focus on what matters with advanced search and filtering options. Quickly locate drivers on the map, monitor their route progress and amend their stops effortlessly.


Elevate Your Driver’s Performance

  • User-friendly Mobile App

    Make the process of onboarding new drivers easier with a user-friendly Android app that includes interactive walkthroughs.

  • App-Powered Service Enhancement

    Help your drivers provide exceptional service by using our app to collect photos, signatures, notes, and POS payments as required.

  • Real-time Data and Navigation

    Drivers are armed with real-time customer information, order details, and navigation support to optimise routes and avoid traffic.

  • Comprehensive Performance Metrics

    Enhance accountability and productivity with detailed task history and comprehensive driver performance metrics. Use these insights to drive continuous improvement.


Take Control

  • Seamless Driver Communication

    Use the driver chat platform for efficient and secure business communication, keeping your team connected and informed.

  • Effortless Proof of Delivery

    Streamline the process of verifying deliveries by gathering photos, signatures, and barcodes to guarantee precise documentation.

  • Predictive ETA Insights

    Ensure timely deliveries with accurate predictive arrival times, real-time alerts, and minimising disruptions.

  • Comprehensive Task History

    Take control of your delivery process by analysing task history to identify trends and areas for improvement.


Deliver Beyond Expectations

  • Automated Status Updates

    Keep customers informed every step of the way with automatic SMS notifications, providing real-time updates on delivery initiation, expected arrival times, and actual delivery status.

  • Live Tracking Capabilities

    Engage customers with a beautiful, branded, and responsive web tracking experience that provides accurate driver locations and estimated arrival times.

  • Integrated Customer Communication

    Customers can easily change their delivery date, time, and address with just one click, reducing delivery attempts and operational costs.

  • Enhanced Feedback Loops

    Gain valuable insights into customer experiences through integrated feedback forms, helping you continuously improve your services based on direct customer input.